ecommerce 1


Your own online store.

Always at hand.


Base products

  • the possibility of introducing an unlimited number of products, categories and subcategories

  • specific characteristics of the product - descriptions, photos and films.

  • variations (variants) of specific products,

  • product attributes, eg. size, color.


Prices management

  • the ability to choose means of payment, list management currencies, countries,

  • varying prices for different customer groups,

  • displaying prices with tax or no tax.

  • management of promotions, discounts and price reductions.


Shipping methods

  • possibility of downloading digital products, eg. software, images, PDFs,

  • flexible configuration modes of goods delivery, fees for shipping and forwarding agents

  • online couriers rates (eg module for UPS services).



  • different tax rates (VAT)

  • tax calculation by the shop owner address or delivery address

  • EU Mode (tax calculation based on the location of the store, where the customer comes from a country outside the EU)



  • Relationships with customers

  • the ability to create groups of customers (occasional, wholesalers, etc.)

  • Address Book with all the necessary data,

  • customers can manage their accounts by modifying their data, etc for shipping addresses.

  • customers can view their order history and current order status (accepted, paid, shipped, etc.).



  • download / cash, bank transfers, payment with credit cards

  • support real-time transactions - credit cards,

  • the use of the payment gateway such as PayPal.



  • Complete order management, including its history, the IP addresses of computers,

  • Customer service by automatic procedures to inform about the phase of the transaction;

  • define your own state orders (order status)

  • notification of new order - sent to the customer and the store owner (depending on the settings)

  • inventory management - inventory levels of products and their variants (monitoring of products in stock)

  • notifying customers about delivery and availability of products.



  • three types of search products - simple, expanded, according to parameters

  • publishing product reviews and product ratings (moderated or auto)

  • simple and quick promotion of selected products

  • signaling the availability of products, the delivery date - or in the form of descriptive icons

  • send notifications about product availability in your inventory to awaiting customers


Reports and statistics

  • report - an overview at the store Panel

  • number of customers, number of orders, etc.,

  • sales statistics: daily reports, periodic, annual.